If you love luscious bodies, and females that entice you like little vixens this site will blow your mind, amongst other things! There is a definite elegance about the whole turnout, a nice polish that shows you they are professionals and are committed to service excellence.

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They deliver all this in the finest HD crystal clear footage. There are also plenty of updates to keep you keen, four a week to be precise. Nice little additions to this site is the drop down options when you mouse over anything including all the information you wanted to know about this particular still you are hovering over. Also if you add anything to your favorites you are then notified when there is an update, that is good customer service! There is also a ‘history’ storing function so that you can go back and the site will remind you of what you have looked at before. The layout is nice and clean and easy to navigate. Review:

The site was aptly named when they decided to call it As the women truly are babes and with a name like that they need to prove they have the goods. The women are absolutely mouth watering and this, combined with artistic talent and great directors and photographers makes for a winning combination.

Both the photography and movies are so beautifully done you would tend to just look around for eye pleasure never mind anything else. With the site being a little newer than some of the big names out there, it means their content and archives are all perfect, whereas some sites that have been around a while boast large numbers of videos but the quality is debatable at times.

Download contains all the various format options and streaming comes from an embedded HD player which delivers perfection on all counts. Speed is fast, clarity is mind blowing and content is totally satisfying. There is also a lovely sensuality about the scenes which tend to get lost in a lot of scenes these days. So not only are the males and females here stunning, but they are really into what they are doing. Good value for money and more for the discerning fussy viewer.

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