GF Revenge Review



GF Revenge, or Girlfriend Revenge to give its full name, is just one of the many sites that are now out there where you are able to get your own back on certain people by putting stuff online that they would prefer to remain private.

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This site is full of normal people fucking and sucking or even just exposing themselves and getting off and the fact that they have all been sent in by people such as you and I does make it seem that bit dirtier.

GF Revenge Review:

People that send in these pics or videos are paid $100 per photo and up to $1000 per video, but the surprising thing here is that the quality of things they put online is actually very good indeed. They appear to be going for quality rather than quantity with their content as they only have over 200 videos and the same number of photo sets, although they do tend to be POV style with this being very popular in recent years, but in actual fact the videos are well made and they just have that amateur feel to them, which makes them even better to watch.

With GF Revenge you are really going to see everything from solo shots, to group sex, anal, oral, toys, you name it and you are going to find somebody on here that is really into it in the same way as you are. These girls are hot, they have a variety of bodies for you to get excited over, and they are on this site as somebody seeks revenge on them.

This site does sound as if it does not have a lot of content, but you will be surprised at how long it takes you to work your way through it all, but if you are still unsure, then the best thing to do is to check out their trial offer at just under $2 for a couple of days access. What this will do is allow you to see what they have to offer you and you will just simply fall in love with these girls who are getting down and dirty for your viewing pleasure even though they are unaware of even being on there in the first place.

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