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From the moment you hit the Tainster site you realize you have hit pornographic hardcore heaven. There are water sports, gang bangs and a general feeling of uninhibited sex at its best.

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On top of all the action on the site there is a cam portal where you can get relief after browsing the sites finer offerings. The content is such a turn-on you might just have to use that feature to get some relief. There is a countdown next to the live sex cam girl as to when she will be online, and trust me they are hot.

Tainster Review:

As well as they orgy parties showing girls jerking off guys at regular parties and women being banged in full view of revelers there is drunk group party sex and a host of pissing scenes both clothed and naked. Being a fan of water sports myself this is definitely a good site to be on as the content is rocking hot. There are cum parties and much more including the regular genres with some strong fetish scenes thrown in.

Other fetish genre’s include fully clothed sex, with a nice juicy ass peeking out waiting to be fucked. Some great outside scenes and a nice focus on cum close-ups with Cum Squads.

The navigation is simple which it needs to be under duress and this is what this site content does to one, making you sweaty palmed and ready to explode so keeping it simple is the least line of resistance. There are the Blogs tab, Models, Live Scenes, Pic Posts and Community. The community section gives the site a lot of credibility since there is a hearty sharing going on.

Bonus sites are included and they are mind-blowing. Included in the raucous round up is fetish sites like Mom and Daughter, Drunk Sex, Extreme Matures, Young Orgies, Pissing and Bizarre sex.

The download options are various in a bid to please all members, plus flash and mobile access. All the movies are in the finest HD quality and the photo sets are clear and tempting.

If you are looking for fetish work, hardcore extreme including waterfall or water sports take a look at Tainsters, they are a horny hot tainted bunch and you probably will be more than willing to get in on the action once hitting their dirty home page. Check out their different membership terms before signing on as some carry hefty discounts.

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