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I love my job I have to say so when asked to look at ZTOD as usual it was my pleasure.

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After a little investigation, it seems the catchy name of this site stands for zero tolerance on demand. If you wondering like I was what they mean by this it is the quality of the media. They promise super HD high quality all the way through. I found this quite refreshing since a lot of well padded sites do lose some of the quality due to time in the market. Which is fair enough, but there is nothing more frustrating than finally finding the movie and you begin to realize that the quality sucks.

ZTOD Review:

The site is very hardcore so if you are not into hardcore click the X above this page. Another appeal is the very real bodies and very real models or people that are doing their thing here.

Personally I like to keep it real so for me this is a huge turn-on. Don’t get me wrong the babes are super sexy, but so real that I feel almost like I am sitting there with them. This to me is the future of porn, feeling as though I am a part of it all. You can see every eyelash, every hair on the woman’s head and every bead of sweat. There is also a nice variety of scene content and movie content which will keep you busy for years.

I really appreciate and enjoy the reality kind of look of this site but with the added polish of good camera angles and good photography. They certainly know what they are doing around ZTOD. There are HD streaming options, video download on a variety of media formats and mobile so the site has covered all bases.

Lets summarize, 2600+ porn stars, 7000 exclusive scenes, 1 100 movie scenes, 869 000 photographs and 8 years of daily updates. This is a great site, fantastic vibe and delivers which is the main thing.

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